Contract: Strange Beast is a contract quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This quest can be started either from the notice board at Larvik or by talking directly to Thorleif or by inspecting the ambush site on the road to the village.
Contract: Monster on the High Road
Tw3 scroll2
I need a hero. A man favored by the gods. Or a witcher. Anyone, really, who's not afraid to stand up to the ghastly creature what's been attacking folk walking the main road to Larvik.
A reward's been set aside.
If you don't fear death and long for fame in ballads, come see the village elder.
-Thorleif, son of Bear Haugs
P.S. Sverre, you stay home. You've done enough as it is.

Walkthrough Edit

While Geralt was in the village of Larvik on Hindarsfjall, he happened upon a contract posted on the notice board detailing a monster attack on the main road to Larvik. The witcher decided to speak to the village elder, Thorleif, by his house at the village gates. He tells the witcher that there isn't much they know about the monster besides the rumors and that Sverre and his crew was sent to only return massacred, leaving only four alive.

From here, the witcher can agree to help, haggle for the pay, or leave. If the witcher haggles, Thorleif will protest that they don't even know the monster enough to make a rate but he'll nevertheless agree to negotiate from the base rate of 520 Oren3 to around below 640 Oren3. If Geralt finally agrees to help make the road safer, he can talk to Sverre and his warriors which Thorleif will gladly point to by a hut at the center of the village. Upon finding the warriors, Kaspar and Sverre will be talking about their disbelief of how they fell for a trap as the beast had ambushed them after cleverly setting a wagon on the road and lying in wait by the underbrush. The witcher could then scold them of their foolishness to catch a monster by themselves and question them of what happened. According to the two, the monster was dark, huge, blood-smeared, and had sharp claws when they were attacked along the road to Lofoten by a wagon cross-wise the road near the woods.

To see a better picture of what happened, Geralt then traveled to the ambush site amidst the road from Larvik to Lofoten and Freya's Temple. Upon inspection, the wagon and a piece of the torn bodies had still been there along with some red clay and a blood trail towards where the other bodies had been dragged off to. Geralt surmised that the creature must've been a nekker warrior, sentient enough to make primitive traps and use clay to mark their position in the pack. The witcher can then follow the tracks toward the woods to eventually find a cave. After going through some noxious gas in the cave and dealing with some nekkers, Geralt finally found the main nest where he faced successive waves of nekker attacks all around him while facing Hagubman, the alpha nekker warrior.

Once the nekker leader was dealt with, Geralt took his head as a trophy and returned to Thorleif. The village elder was surprised and imagined a tough fight but Geralt being no stranger to monsters did not indulge him the thought. Thorleif gave him the reward he previously haggled and so ended the quest.

Journal entry Edit

If started from the notice board in Larvik:
Skellige warriors are the hearty, adventure-loving sort, so surely they handle their own monster problems? No, not as it turns out. Geralt found a notice in a village called Larvik requesting assistance with clearing the area of some troublesome beasts.
On the isle of Hindarsfjall, not far from the village known as Larvik, Geralt spied some monster tracks. Where there's a monster, there's work for a witcher. And where there's work for a witcher, there's coin to be made. Geralt decided to look into the matter.
Geralt discovered that the nekkers dwelling in the nearby wood were led by a particularly strong nekker warrior. Its presence had made the others more aggressive and daring. The only way to solve this problem was to enter the nekkers' lair and kill their leader.
In the end the alpha nekker fell to the witcher's blade. Geralt took its head as a trophy and went to Larvik to collect his reward.

Objectives Edit

  • Talk to the village elder in Larvik.
  • Talk to the warriors.
  • Find the ambush site.
  • Investigate the ambush site using your Witcher Senses. (25 Tw3 icon xp)
  • Follow the tracks using your Witcher Senses.
  • Explore the cave.
  • Kill the nekkers in the nest to provoke their pack leader.
  • Take a trophy from the nekker warrior.
  • Check the Larvik notice board. (if Hagubman is killed before talking to the village elder)
  • Collect your reward.

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