Contract: The Beast of Honorton is a witcher contract quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It was released as free DLC on 3 July 2015, one of 16 such DLCs to be released for the game. It eventually leads to the secondary quest, Where the Cat and Wolf Play....
Contract: the Beast of Honorton
Good Folk!
There's a vile and dangerous spook, beast or devil of sorts causing no end of trouble near our village, Honorton. We promise our profoundest gratitude - and a sizeable reward - to any brave lad who can slay it.
If you're looking to learn more, come pay us a visit. Ask for the ealdorman, Sobemir.


This quest is pretty straightforward and may not even appear in the journal if the village is found directly. If you want it to show up in your quest logs, pick up the notice off Crow's Perch's notice board or Oreton's, then make your way to the unmarked village between Claywich and the Boatmakers' Hut. On getting close enough, Geralt will remark either on the smell of corpses or how quiet the village is, and you'll soon find alghouls feasting on a body near one of the huts. Kill them off to finish this quest and start Where the Cat and Wolf Play....

Journal entry

The inhabitants of Honorton had a problem - one only a witcher could resolve. A monster they unhelpfully called a "spook" was haunting the woods near their village. Geralt decided to see what kind of beast it really was. And then kill it.


  • Talk to the ealdorman of Honorton about his contract for a witcher.
  • Kill the necrophages.


  • This quest may disappear from the quest logs even if picked up from the notice board.
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