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Contract: The Griffin from the Highlands is one of the witcher contracts available in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Griffin in the Highlands
Read close if you want to earn good coin and help your fellow men!
In the hills north of Crow's Perch, there's some sort of beast lurking about, a griffin, it would seem. If you kill it, bring the trophy to the quartermaster of Crow's Perch and you'll get a fitting reward.
And if you don't give a whit about your fellow men and don't have the bollocks to face a griffin, stay far away from that place, or else you'll end up as the beast's dinner.
Which I suppose means if you're feeling suicidal, you can go right ahead, waltz up to the monster and end your sorry life.
-Quartermaster of Crow's Perch


The contract appears only after Master Armorers reaches the phase where acid is required to forge an armor, which Archgriffins spit. Unlike other contracts there is no haggling and the target is not really a boss, but you do get a trophy and mutagen for it like the rest.

Head to the designated location and use your witcher senses to locate a trail of blood, which will lead you to one of it's feathers. Now keep going uphill to find the beast, prepare yourself with Hybrid oil and whatnot, then deal with it. After it's dead take the Archgriffin trophy and Archgriffin acid gland for Yoana, then go back to the Quartermaster to claim your reward.

Journal Entry[]

A true master armorer is a rare bird indeed, so we can honestly speak of delight sparking in Geralt's heart when he first met Yoana. Yet before she could forge him new armor, she was in need of some assistance. The witcher would have to hunt down an archgriffin and extract from it some ingredients required for the forging of the finest armors.
An archgriffin is not a foe to be taken lightly, a fact Geralt knew full well. Yet in the end he was able to defeat the beast and took from it not just the ingredients for the armorer, but also a trophy he could turn in to the quartermaster of Crow's Perch for a reward.


  • Find the archgriffin using your Witcher Senses and kill it
  • Take a trophy from the archgriffin
  • Take the archgriffin trophy to the baron's quartermaster


  • Contract will appear at the Crow's Perch notice board after bringing the tools to Fergus during the Master Armorers.
  • At one point the quest was called Contract: Components for an Armorer, but this was later changed for unknown reasons sometime around mid-2015 in an undocumented update.