Contract: The White Lady is a contract quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.
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Contract: The White Lady

Good People,

Take pity on the poor lot of us peasants. The fields outside the town are haunted by a wraith somewhat like a maid in appearance, though her visage is ghastly and sullied. You cannot walk within ten spans of the evil and hope to escape alive. It's thus keeping us from harvesting our crops, meaning famine and misery await us if nothing changes. So we plan to hand all our remaining gold to whoever drives this White Lady off or kills her.

-Helma, Ignatius' widow.

P.S. Since I've got many an inquiry into the matter already, I'll let it be known right here: I'm not interested in remarrying.

Journal entry Edit

Geralt spent more time walking through the rich farmlands outside Novigrad. During one such stroll he happened across the ruins of a tower. Whether out of curiosity or because of the throbbing of his medallion, Geralt decided to investigate. It will surely come as no surprise that this investigation uncovered evidence of a monster's presence...
The White Lady turned out to be a noonwraith. In order to defeat this phantom, Geralt first had to find out what bound it to the abandoned tower and its surrounding fields.
Geralt uncovered the tragic fate of the woman who had turned into a noonwraith - then sent her on to the next world. The bounty issuer was clearly relieved to hear this and handed Geralt his due.

Objectives Edit

  • Check the notice board in Farcorners
  • Talk to the widow about the noonwraith
  • Follow the tracks using your Witcher Senses
  • Investigate the place where the White Lady attacked using your Witcher Sense
  • Investigate the ruined tower using your Witcher Sense
  • Throw the silver dagger into the fire to lure the noonwraith out
  • Kill the noonwraith
  • Take a trophy from the noonwraith
  • Collect your reward from the widow