Convoy Description and Map is a quest item in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.

This document is given to Geralt by former Kimbolt's mercenaries that are now blackmailing him if the witcher managed to save them from baron's men during Pacta Sunt Servana quest. The document proves that the baron planned to kill Foltest's children but he was beaten to the punch by Maravel.

Journal Entry

Description of convoy carrying Foltest's children
The document consists of a map upon which the route to be taken by the convoy carrying Foltest's children has been marked. Attached to it is a detailed description of the convoy, including the strength and nature of the escorting forces, their colors, armaments, routines and habits.
A tavern seemingly ideal for an ambush has been marked on the map. Alongside the mark someone has described the place as if they were there less than a fortnight ago. The text appears to have been penned hastily, but in high style and on luxury paper. It is also sprinkled with hunting jargon.

Associated Quests

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