Conynhaela is a type of climbing herb plant which grows in Brokilon and enables the rapid regeneration of bone tissue. Despite this, only dryads know how to use by having the plant's roots literally penetrate the patient's skin which simultaneously allows the use of a second symbiotic root known as knitbone. However powerful it is in healing though, it appears to cause those being treated with it to lay motionless while raving away.

The skin of the cured person retains permanent, visible dark spots wherever the roots entered the body. However, a bigger side effect is caused when it's combined with the magical reconstruction done by dryads. While any bones are healed they cause a minor issue with one's nerves, making the healed person's joints more sensitive, especially in the cold and when it's about to rain, similar to arthritis.[1]

After the Thanedd coup, Geralt spent 36 days in Brokilon being treated for a broken leg and forearm with conynhaela and knitbone.

References Edit

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