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Coram I was the fourth king of Cintra, son of King Correl and Queen Eschiva of Sodden, and the brother of Cirra of Cintra and Ceran. He married Rigoberta of Lyria who bore him one child: Coram II.


Legend has it that he and his brother Ceran traveled to the court of King Egon in Lyria where they met and fell in love with his twin daughters, Rigoberta and Impecca, with Coram I marrying the former.[2]

In 1156, Rigoberta gave birth to a son and heir who was also named Coram. When his son reached 22 years of age, Coram I decided to forge an alliance with Temeria and thus, after ensuring she wasn't Falka's child, married him with the daughter of King Goidemar, Fiona.[3]


  1. Based on years in dynastic descriptions, it's possible to calculate Coram I's son, Coram II, was born in 1156 meaning he had to be at least 18 by then, though probably older.
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