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Corbett was the sixth king of Cintra and the son of King Coram II and Queen Fiona of Temeria. He married Elen of Kaedwen, and from this union was born Dagorad. He carried the Elder Blood within him.


In 1198 his father died and he took over at 18 years old, marrying Elen shortly afterwards. However, his rule was considered a very bad time in Cintra's history and many foreign songs and pamphlets referred to him as a repulsive man and a murderer. He neglected foreign policies and government in favor of womanizing and getting drunk. On top of this, corruption spread and money was stolen by officials while dissatisfied people were sent to prison, killed, or exiled.[1]

He didn't treat his wife well to the point his father-in-law, Benda, wanted to take his daughter back to Ard Carraigh, even at the risk of causing conflict and destroying diplomatic relations. However Elen refused as her son's future in Corbett's dangerous court would be uncertain if she left. It was so bad that on more than one occasion, Corbett would drunkenly proclaim he had had enough with his "sanctimonious" wife and he'd promised one of his many women on the side an imminent wedding and elevation to the throne. However, he never got the chance as he died before Elen[2] at just 30 years old, from a possible combination of syphilis, overdosing on medicinal drugs, or possibly even poisoned.[1]