The Country Inn is located just outside the village of Murky Waters. It is a family run business. The two innkeepers are husband and wife, and their daughter is the waitress. The husband holds the keys to the storage, but both he and his wife can offer accommodation. He will charge you 7 Items Oren.png for a place to rest your weary bones while she offers a much better deal, she asks only 5 Items Oren.png. Their daughter serves the alcohol and food.

The Innkeeper is also a source of local information and folklore. He can tell the tale of a certain princess, who is also a witcher and sorceress. His wife will gladly provide her own opinions about the Underwater City, the vodyanoi and the ancestors of the people of Murky Waters.

Also in residence at the Inn for the duration of Chapter IV are Dandelion and Julian. They sleep in the same room as the round-the-clock fistfighting. How do they do it?


You can always find:

Journal Entry

"Tired travelers are drawn to the inn by the smell of fried bacon, boiled cabbage and sometimes even the famous wyvern egg omelets. A soothsayer inhabits the small hut nestled on the side of the tavern."


  • Your journal entry on vodyanoi warriors is updated by speaking with the wife about the underwater city.
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