Crach an Craite was the nephew of Eist Tuirseach.


Royal Betrothal

Crach and his uncle Eist Tuirseach attended the royal betrothal. Hidden from all those who attended, Eist had secretly arranged with Queen Calanthe that Crach marry her daughter, Princess Pavetta, as their union was the key to Cintra having power after the queen dies.

As Crach prepared to claim Pavetta's hand in marriage, Lord Urcheon of Erlenwald interrupted the ceremony. His face hidden under knight's armor, he came to claim Pavetta's hand in marriage. Eist proceeded to knock his helmet off, revealing a monstrous form. Queen Calanthe then ordered Geralt to kill him, but he refuses, stating that Urcheon is no monster. He's a man that's been cursed. Queen Calanthe ordered her guards to slay Urcheon anyway, but he disarmed the guards and explained to Queen Calanthe that Pavetta belonged to him under the Law of Surprise. Ignoring him, more of the queen's guards attacked until Geralt comes to Urcheon's defense.

Geralt came to his defense and together, they defeated her guards. Queen Calanthe took it upon herself to kill Urcheon. Calanthe pulled him close, whispered "there is no destiny," and pulled out a knife aimed at his throat. Pavetta screams out and suddenly her abilities awaken, sending everyone flying across the room, Crach included. Pavetta and Duny then float above the room until Geralt knocks them down. Realizing the error in her ways, Calanthe decided to honor the Law of Surprise.[1]


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