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Creyden is a small northern principality, vassal to Kovir and Poviss and member of the Hengfors League.


Creyden was first settled by the Dauk and Wozgor people before the First Landing, according to a classification by the historian Arnelius Grock.[1]

It was conquered by the Earldom of Kovir prior to the 12th century. It was likely part of the East March.[2]

In the first decades of the 13th century the principality was ruled by Prince Fredefalk and his second wife, Aridea. Aridea possessed one of Nehalenia's Mirrors which she used to determine the fate of the realm. It informed her that she and a great number of other people would die a horrible death at the hands of Fredefalk's beloved firstborn daughter, Renfri, who was incidentally born under the curse of the Black Sun. With this, she informed the Council who sent Stregobor, a mage who firmly believed in the curse, who confirmed the queen's suspicions, and the queen hired a thug to kill her stepdaughter in the forest, but Renfri managed to kill the thug instead and escape. Over the course of the next four years, Aridea sent numerous assassins after the princess but none of them returned. Some time later she was found dead in the bed, reportedly poisoned by Fredefalk after he found a younger mistress.[3]

At some point in the 1250s, King Niedamir conquered Creyden. This deed disturbed the newly crowned Esterad Thyssen of Kovir and Poviss because Creyden had been a Kovirian vassal for ages. After a short war the Fourth Treaty of Lan Exeter was signed, and while Creyden remained part of Hengfors League, it was granted to Esterad's young daughter Gaudemunda and was governed by Esterad himself until she reached maturity.[4] Gaudemunda later married Prince Aristide Vermuellen and the Vermuellens were still in power in 1352 when Gaudemunda and Aristide's son, Guiscard, was 95 years old.[2]

National Emblems

One of Creyden's national or ducal emblems was a hammer studded with gems. It was depicted on a broche worn by Princess Renfri.[5]

Emblems in the infobox have been created by wiki editors basing on official description and/or depictions.

Geography and Climate



Bordering the sea,[6] Creyden imports oversea goods such as batiste.[7]

Notable People






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