Crinfrid is a region in the north near Gelibol and Hengfors. Famous Crinfrid Reavers were from this area.

Society Edit

Crinfriders are not inclinable toward overly religious people. Those who preach or pray too much are kept in cowsheds on the chain and given a piece of coal to draw wonders on walls.[1]

The country's centre, city of Crinfrid, is notorious for its criminal activity.[2]

Economy Edit

The region has at least some coal deposits, source of paint for the aforementioned "unwilling artists". Crinfriders are known to herd cattle.[1] Citizens of the capital are "famous" for the invention and export of the Crinfrid Oil inflicting pain to individuals whose wounds are exposed to contact with the substance.[2]

Notable Crinfriders Edit

Gwent cardart northern reaver scout

Crinfrid Reavers scout

For all members of the famous mercenary group, see Crinfrid Reavers.

Notable places Edit

Notes Edit

  • Region of Crinfrid appears on a map drawn by Stanislav Komárek, Sapkowski's translator and associate, for the Czech edition of Saga. It is however located in wrong place: Komárek places it in Redania, but according to Sapkowski's notes the city of Crinfrid was located in Hengfors region.
    • It might have indeed formed a part of Redania during the reign of Radovid III when he reconquered lands of Nimnar and Gelibol and extended his influence to the Braa. However, years later the League had a border on Buina, so the eventual land gained by Radovid III must have been lost during the Falka's rebellion. As the details are unclear, we cannot properly state which lands were affected, and whether Crinfrid was amongst them.

References Edit

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