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Crispin was the son of Countess Anna Kameny and the Temerian Prince Amavet.


Due to how Crispin and his twin sister Muriel were conceived, nobody knew for certain who their father was as their mother had been married to Count Roger Kameny but had an affair with Amavet less than a year before they were born. Therefore, Crispin and Muriel weren't granted the hereditary title of count and couldn't inherit their supposed father's estate. The small family ended up going through three court trials before they were granted the title and estate.

Unlike his sister, Crispin also wanted his connection to the royal family validated and when he was around 16 years old, he began to wear a coat of arms that combined his supposed father's with his real father's, resulting in adding burgundy to the Temerian lilies. This caused a scandal where he was arrested on account of it being not only random and illegal, but royal. He ended up paying a fine and swore not to do it again. Soon after though he caused another scandal where he wore the coat of arms of Kameny but with his burgundy, enraging enemies and his mother and sister, who'd fought hard for their "legality" for the count title.


After the heat died down, he joined a gang of mercenaries, the so-called "free company" and supposedly referred to himself as Crispin aep Amavet, showing his true father was in fact the deceased prince of Temeria and that he had elven blood in his veins. However, during battles, he fought with the Kameny coat of arms while wearing his burgundy. He disappeared without leaving a trace in Metinna, and many people considered him deceased.

When he disappeared, this caused some general satisfaction among the population back home, where even his mother and sister were somewhat happy, having been advised to get rid of the scandalist. The only one who worried and longed to find Crispin was King Goidemar, who knew that while he was an illegitimate child, Crispin was also his grandson.[1]