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Crookback Bog is a large swamp area in southern Velen.


Crookback Bog is home to a variety of beasts, yet an orphanage for orphaned and unwanted children lies in the middle of the swamp despite the hazards, as does the grotto of a friendly godling named Johnny.

The Crones of Crookback Bog comprise a triad of mysterious entities that are worshiped by the local residents. The inhabitants of the village of Downwarren, in particular, give great credence to the Crones, as do certain inhabitants of Velen residing further afield of the Bog. However, this worship isn't without cost: they readily participate in mutilating themselves and even send children to the orphanage, knowing they'll be killed and eaten by the Crones.

The orphanage situated at the heart of the swamp is overseen by Gran. There is a Pagan chapel where Gran can ritually communicate with the Crones by the Tapestry.

Drowners are a common sight in Crookback Bog, as in most aquatic areas, and water hags may also be encountered on occasion. On the mountainside beside Crookback Bog, harpies and a wyvern can be found.





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