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Disambig-icon.png This article is about the fast travel location. For the region, see Crow's Perch (region).

Crow's Perch is a palisade hold in the Temerian province of Velen, formerly owned by the Baron Vserad and presently occupied by Phillip Strenger (known as the Bloody Baron), and his men.

It is a small community of maybe 50 peasants, who eked out a living before the Third Northern War enveloped the North, and have only just clung on after. As former Baron Vserad's seat, the village itself benefits from the protection of a low moat and palisade wall, while one can only gain access to the town itself by riding or walking across a shoddily constructed wooden bridge (built in the proudest Velen style).

Vserad and his own kin enjoyed a modest keep. Built mostly in red brick and situated at the very top of the hill, it afforded the baron a picturesque view of his lands in happier times and ample warning in more dangerous ones.

Map Description[]

After Vserad, its previous owner, panicked at the news that armies were approaching and fled to Fyke Isle, this castle became home to Phillip Strenger, alias the Bloody Baron, along with his family and entourage.

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  • After downloading Nilfgaardian Armor Set Free DLC, the whole set Nilfgaardian armor, Nilfgaardian trousers, Nilfgaardian boots and Nilfgaardian gauntlets are available and can be bought from the Quartermaster at Crow's Perch.