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Throughout the Witcher lore, there are many different types of currency, used both within kingdoms and some more regional, like specific cities.


Bizant or bezant is the unit of currency in Kovir and Poviss. It is equal to four Redanian crowns.[1]


Copper is a subdivision of a crown, where 100 coppers equal 1 crown. It is used in some of the Northern Kingdoms such as Redania, Brugge, and Cidaris.


Crown is the currency used in Redania, Brugge, Kerack, and Cidaris. 1 crown is equal to 100 coppers.


Denar is used in Arcsea[2] and Ebbing. In Wiedźmin: Gra Wyobraźni, it's the primary monetary unit.


Ducat is a gold coin of unknown origin and has been known to be used in Cintra, Kaedwen, Aedirn, and Skellige. It is equal to one third of a Redanian crown.[1]


Farthing is used in Oxenfurt.


Floren is the Nilfgaardian Empire's currency.


Groat is a monetary unit equivalent to 1/100 of a noble (1 noble equals 100 groats). Groats and nobles are used in Gors Velen.[3]

Half-groat and five-groat pieces also are used for smaller or larger purchases.[3]


Gulden is a unit of currency used in Lyria and Rivia.


RoS Lintar

Lintar is the unit of currency used in the Hengfors League. Two lintars is equal to one Redanian crown.[1]

Mariborian crown[]

Mariborian crown is a unit of currency used in at least in Maribor.

Mark (Narok)[]

The Mark, not to be confused with the Nilfgaardian mark, is the currency used in Narok.[4]

Mark (Nilfgaard)[]

The mark is used as a basis for currency in Nilfgaard, and as a secondary currency in the north.[3]

The floren is based on the mark. Because 60 florens can be minted from a single mark, the mark is often used for higher amounts. As such, it also serves as a type of weight measurement.


Noble is a monetary unit used in Gors Velen and equals 100 groats.


Oren is a unit of currency used in Temeria and all its vassal states and territories. Six Orens are equal to one Crown.[5]


Ryo is a unit of currency used in the Japanese-inspired land.[6]

Silver penny[]

The silver penny is an ancient silver coin.[5] The Nilfgaardian Empire also uses silver pennies.[7]


Thaler is a unit of currency in Cidaris.[8]