Cutterin Manor is an estate located just east of Fort Astre Ruins in Toussaint that's overrun by a spriggan and a couple wraiths.


An unknown time ago, the Cutterin family lived here, one of whom was a young woman named Charlotte. While Charlotte was in love with Albert, another local, François, was in love with her, despite Charlotte repeatedly turning down his advances.[1]

Desperate to try and have Charlotte change her mind, François went to the witch of Lynx Crag for help. She informed him all he had to do to end his suffering was to get Charlotte to drink an enchanted wine. He bought it then had Charlotte agree to meet him for a picnic and slipped her the wine, thinking she'd fall completely in love with him. However, she still refused his proposal and, getting fed up with the unwanted advances, buried the jewels he had tried to give her on the estate, claiming she'd only marry him when they grew into grape vines.

The next day, when François went by to see if the elixir just needed a day to work, he found out that the witch had tricked him: the estate was overrun by a spriggan, killing Charlotte in the process.[2]

Associated quests


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