Daerlan is a region or an administrative unit in the Nilfgaardian Empire.

History Edit

Daerlan was conquered before the reign of Fergus var Emreis, likely during the Republic period of Nilfgaard.[1]

Throughout its history as an imperial land Daerlan formed at least seven brigades. During the Northern Wars the Daerlanian forces represented the backbone of the Nilfgaardian Army: the 7th Daerlanian Cavalry Brigade was without a doubt the most noteworthy.[2] Few, however, heard of the Daerlan Foot Soldiers, the unloved companion infantry unit contemptuously referred to as "the Seventh's bastards." Reliant on boot leather in a milieu that honored only horseshoes, these men nevertheless served as best they can, one step at a time.[3]

National Emblems Edit

The flag and coat of arms in the infobox have been created by Wiki editors and are based on the emblem and colors of the 7th Daerlan Brigade.

Notable Daerlanians Edit

Notes Edit

In Polish edition, name Daerlan appears as a part of demonym Daerlańczyk and adjective daerlański, therefore it is unclear whether the region's name in Polish is Daerlan or Daerl. It is possible that both names are correct though, for example Daerl for a city and Daerlan for a land.

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References Edit

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