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Dagorad was the seventh king of Cintra and the son of King Corbett and Queen Elen of Kaedwen. He married Adalia who bore him a daughter, Calanthe.


In 1210, at just 12 years old, Dagorad inherited the throne when his father unexpectedly died at 30, possibly from his depraved lifestyle. Many of Cintra's neighbors, and even distant kingdoms like Kovir, thought the young king would continue his father's life of debauchery, believing the apple didn't fall far from the tree. However, Dagorad couldn't be any more different from his father: he was modest, thoughtful, an intelligent politician, and a loving husband and father.

Despite this, he had to fight to regain every foothold he could get. When he took over, many of his father's corrupt favorites remained in court, believing Dagorad was naive and they could wrap the young king around their finger or, push come to shove, they'd just kill him. However, they learned too late they'd underestimated Dagorad, who acted quickly and, having the support of many subjects including the army, killed off all the corrupt officials in Cintra's court.

When it came time for Dagorad to marry, Temeria's current queen, Bienvenu La Louve, offered an arranged marriage with Adalia, a Temerian duchess and a widow. Because of his father's destructive behavior that ruined relationships with other kingdoms, Dagorad had no choice but to accept as they needed the alliance. Despite this, the two had a loving relationship.

The only thing Dagorad had in common with his father was his love of hunting. Unfortunately, one day he went hunting with some minor injuries but neglected them and ended up dying from a blood infection at 34 years old in 1232.[1]


  • He is the first Cintran king to not have his name begin with a "C". This is because his father spent so much time drunk, his mother named him Dagorad (a variation of his great-grandfather's name, Dagread) and by the time Corbett noticed, it was too late to change it.[1]