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Danek was a high-ranking Cintran knight and member of the military.


Just days prior to Nilfgaard's attack on Cintra, Danek, Lazlo, and Calanthe discussed the encroachment of Nilfgaard. She then came face-to-face with Geralt of Rivia for the first time in 12 years. Geralt came to protect Ciri, who Calanthe raised on her own. When Calanthe tried to buy Geralt off, Mousesack interjected that money couldn't undo the Law of Surprise. Danek and Lazlo drew their blades as Geralt approached. He advises Calanthe to give the child over to him if she had any doubt in her mind that Ciri wasn't safe in Cintra. Geralt promised to take her, protect, and bring her back unharmed. Calanthe reluctantly agreed and exclaimed to the townspeople that Law of Surprise had been called.[1]

War with Nilfgaard

Danek attended the royal feast following the knight induction ceremony, where he informed Queen Calanthe and King Eist of Nilfgaard's encroachment. He would later be led into war by Calanthe and Eist against the Nilfgaard army as opposed to waiting for aid from their fleet of ships that were delayed by the storm. The Nilfgaardians' sheer force in numbers allowed them to overwhelm the Cintran army. Queen Calanthe was forced to retreat after King Eist was killed in battle; an arrow in the eye, fired by Cahir.

Danek and a wounded Calanthe returned to the castle, where he informed her that only 100 or so citizens were within the walls of the castle. She then told him to make sure they had enough supplies. By night fall, the Nilfgaard army had breach the castle gates. And so, Calanthe informed Danek that it was time. In the face of defeat, Queen Calanthe ordered the entire castle to commit suicide by poison, to spare them the fate of being tortured and murdered by the imposing army. Danek's fate remained unknown.[2]


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