Dark Horse Comics is an American manga and graphic novel publisher founded in 1986 by Mike Richardson. In March 2014, Dark Horse started to publish a series of comics based on CD Projekt's The Witcher franchise.

The Witcher comicsEdit

The comics written by Paul Tobin and illustrated by Joe Querio began their release in March of 2014. While the story in first one called House of Glass, is an original, the second by name Fox Children, is an adaptation of one of the chapters of Season of Storms. All 4, along with additional art, will be released in The Witcher Library Edition book.

A second series is due to be released starting in December of 2018.

The Witcher books Edit

There are also two books that were published by Dark Horse comics. First is a compendium of in-universe information authored by Marcin Batylda, writer of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt written from Dandelion's perspective and second is collection that chronicles the creation of Gwent: The Witcher Card Game and features hundreds of concept arts.