One of the more interesting features of CD Projekt's The Witcher franchise is the day and night cycle. All the characters adjust their behavior according to this cycle.

The Witcher

In the mornings and throughout the day, there is a lively bustle in the streets of the towns and villages. The people go about their daily jobs until their workday is done.

At the town hall in Vizima for example, employees work until the late afternoon. After 17:00, all pens are put down. merchants tend to work longer hours selling their goods. Most end their day around 18:30. Markets are empty and shops are closed by 19:00 at the latest. By then, the majority of the citizenry is safely at home and appearing outside only at the dawn of the following day. Merchants typically open their shops and stalls for business around 08:30.

Only the inns and taverns offer their services all night. These services, however, change according to time of day and the type of clientele. During the day bona fide citizens can be found in the drinking establishments, but after sunset, the rather more daylight-averse guests, perhaps those who have something to hide, are more commonly found.

At night, it is not uncommon for Geralt to encounter bandits in the streets on his nightly rounds in town.

The lively hustle and bustle of city life, and also the distractions of battle may distract Geralt (and the player!) from appreciating the great attention to detail shown in the day and night cycle. The images in the gallery below show an entire day in the Witcher world from early dawn to the deepest of night.

Weather conditions also affect the quality of the light. The sky becomes densely overcast due to the rain clouds when it pours, so not all daytime hours are wrapped in beautiful sunshine.

If you acquire the Rising Moon talent, it is only active during the period when the moon is rising (between 21:00 and midnight).

Times of day

Name Time
Sunrise 7 AM / 07:00
Sunset 7 PM / 19:00
Name Time
Moon rises 9 PM / 21:00
Moon sets 5 AM / 05:00

Hourglass 2 Time Sensitive Quests

A few quests in The Witcher require Geralt to show up at a specified time of the day.

Act Quest Step Start time End time Note
Icon Act I
She's No Early Bird (See note) None (See note) 7 PM / 19:00 11 PM / 23:00 Not part of the actual quest.
Icon Act III
Lock and Key The Salamandra Hideout 12 AM / 00:00 Unknown
Icon Act IV
The Heat of the Day The Noonwraith
The Mirror
A Mirror for the Noonwraith
The dead can hear a ballad
6 AM / 06:00
6 AM / 06:00
6 AM / 06:00
7 PM / 19:00
12 AM / 00:00
12 AM / 00:00
12 AM / 00:00
12 AM / 00:00
Only available if you sided with Abigail in Chapter I


  • The sun rises at 7 AM / 07:00.
  • The sun seems to set around 7 PM / 19:00.
  • In daytime, cities and the Outskirts are safe, but at night there are monsters about.
  • You can not pull your sword to run faster, nor can you use the Igni sign to light a campfire at daytime in the cities.
  • Technically these restrictions apply to all locations / times that are marked as Safe, in the top-right of the HUD.


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