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"Do you really wish to know?"
Spoilers from the books and/or adaptations to follow!

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Welcome, my prince. I am Dayo. And this is Ameena.
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- Dayo to Dandelion

Dayo was an Ofieri woman that, along with Ameena, Dandelion slept with in 1273, after he was teleported to Ofir. They discussed Hatun Radeyah, the crown sorceress.

Later when Dandelion was wandering the corridors, Dayo hid him behind a curtain, preventing an encounter with Maraal, the maliq's assassin. The next day Dandelion, Ameena and Dayo spent the morning watching life in the city, and Dayo pointed out Phyre, the maliq's head eunuch.

They later had a meeting with Phyre, where Dandelion asked whether he could perform for Nibras, to which the eunuch replied that it would be difficult.

Later Dayo went looking for proof of Maraal and Zaira's relationship where she was stopped by Ameena, but Dayo went on into a room where she happened upon something shocking.