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By the powers of earth and sky. By the world that was to be your home. Forgive me, you who came but who I did not embrace. I name thee Dea and embrace thee as my daughter.
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- Bloody Baron performing the ritual of naming, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Dea Strenger was the Bloody Baron's unborn daughter. After his wife Anna miscarried, she turned into a botchling.

When Geralt of Rivia went to visit the Baron he came to the botchling's grave, unfilled and empty. He saw the botchling and had to make a choice.

If Geralt spared the botchling: Geralt guided Phillip through an ancient naming ritual and Phillip named the stillborn Dea before burying her under the home's doorway. Later she turned into a lubberkin and helped him find the trails of Anna and their daughter Tamara.

If Geralt killed the botchling: Phillip became upset at the witcher for killing his child once more, though nothing else could be done then.

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