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"Dear Friend..." is the sixth episode of season 2 of Netflix's The Witcher series.



A close friend is lost — and another found — as Geralt helps Ciri learn more about her power. Cahir warns Fringilla to focus on their primary mission.


Geralt and Ciri hunt down the chernobog that escaped from the monolith. Ciri and Roach remain on land as Geralt makes his way through the river. This is when the beast attacks from the sky. It first goes after Geralt before attacking Roach and knocking Ciri to the ground.

Vesemir had admittedly been a fool for ever agreeing to Ciri's deal. Triss admits that she too has been a fool. Whatever's running through Ciri's veins and whatever they made from it is more dangerous than they know. Suddenly, Vesemir is alerted of an unexpected presence. It's Rience, who blocks their attacks, before trapping Triss in a barrier of fire and sending a fireball Vesemir's way before stealing the vial of witcher mutagen and portaling out.

Roach is badly wounded, three long claw slashes going down her lower end, forcing Geralt to put her out of her misery. He and Ciri proceed to stage a trap for the beast that killed Roach. Ciri climbs up on top of a rock to lure the chernobog in. Just when it's nearly within reaching distance of her, Geralt appears and kills the beast, shoving a sharpened stick through its chest.

Fringilla watches as Francesca brings back life to a dead flower in the garden. Her favorite thing to do as a girl was flower picking with her mother. After she died, Francesca kept one to remember her by. One day, it started to wilt, and when she held that flower, she began to feel warm inside and the flower bloomed again. She did that spell over and over for years, until her father caught her and tried to lead the village in a crusade against her, but he failed. Her brother held their father down as she slit his throat. The village then built a statue in her honor. At Aretuza, they were taught the art of politics and persuasion, to trick others into thinking they're in control. Francesca suspects this of Fringilla's relationship with Cahir, as she's different when he's around. Francesca tells Fringilla that it's time for her to put Cahir in his place, as he's no longer in power. Francesca heads back to the castle as Cahir joins them. Cahir understands that Fringilla was forced to make a difficult decision in times of war, but he knows her well enough to understand that she didn't forsake the mission given to them by the White Flame. And now it's time they return to the reason they took Cintra in the first place, which is Ciri, who was last seen in Sodden.

Geralt is proud of Ciri. What she did back there with the beast was courageous. Ciri admits to having that feeling again when the chernobog came at her, but she doesn't think it wanted to hurt her. She blames herself for the monsters coming through the monolith. When the Black Knight caught her, all she could feel was fear, but she also felt anger. And when there were four men from Cintra that found her and planned to take her, she screamed and killed all of them.

Geralt and Ciri arrive at Melitele's Temple. Graduates of the temple school are known to become midwives, historians, healers, and witchers. Vesemir sent Geralt here when he was about Ciri's age. It's where they learn to do signs. They are joined by Nenneke, who embraces them both and takes Ciri to her office, where she announces her plans to guide Ciri in the art of controlling her Chaos. Ciri mentions the Daughter of Chaos, leading Nenneke to question where she heard that term, as the things she's saying require knowledge that have been lost to time, and knowledge like that is usually lost for a reason. Nevertheless, Ciri is ready for the truth, whatever it takes. Nenneke admires her spirit and introduces Ciri to Jarre, one of her best students, to help Ciri.

Now that she's had a chance to speak with her, Nenneke tells Geralt that he's screwed no matter what. Kingdoms will want her for her status. Thousands have been killed in pursuit of her already, not to mention her Elder blood. Geralt has told her about the fact that Ciri has recited Ithlinne's prophecies during one of her episodes. Nenneke believes that she's a Child of Destiny, and that Geralt and Ciri are a part of one another. Geralt must find balance, and then maybe he might stand a chance of helping her.

Filavandrel checks in on Francesca, who hopes that training is going well. Death is a part of life, and perhaps that is the cost of them getting their land back, Francesca concludes. Filavandrel isn't so sure it will still happen given Cahir's return, but Francesca insists that she's taking care of it. Filavandrel didn't come to tell her what to do. He came to ask what she needs of him, as he'll do what whatever she asks. Francesca simply needs him to stay by her and their child's side.

Coen asks Triss about Vesemir, who is stable but shaken. Lambert begins to wonder what a mage needs with a witcher, but Triss insists that he's not one of her kind. Fire magic is off-limits for them. Whoever he is, he isn't working for the Brotherhood. She then comes to the conclusion that he took the vial of witcher mutagen.

Rience reveals to Lydia that he has a vial of Ciri's blood in his possession, but he has no intentions of giving it to her. However, he is willing to give it over in exchange for an opportunity to meet Lydia's employer. She agrees to see what she can do and then tells Rience that he'll need a crew if he intends to get in and out of the temple with Ciri.

Istredd seeks out Ellis Codringher and Fenn for information. Codringher already knows who Istredd is and asks if he's acting on behalf of Stregobor, which Istredd insists that he isn't. He simply wants to know what a witcher, a monolith, and a mysterious girl has to do with Nilfgaard. They inform Istredd that sensitive questions are expensive. Once he pays for their services, Codringher and Fenn reveal that the girl is Cirilla of Cintra

Jarre takes Ciri to the library and gives her the Orbuculum for her studies. He's not necessarily sure what it does, as he's a simple historian in training. Unbeknownst to either of them, Yennefer watches from afar and follows Ciri until losing track of her. She enters a room, where Geralt just so happens to be. They kiss, but are interrupted by Ciri, who Geralt reveals is his Child Surprise.

Hake is thankful that Cahir came back when he did, as he doesn't trust the elves or Fringilla, who isn't acting on behalf of the White Flame, he suspects. Cahir notices Filavandrel coaching Dara and proposes a proper demonstration between him and the untrained elf. Cahir grabs a sword, charging at Dara and knocking him on the ground. Filavandrel holds his blade to Cahir's throat in retaliation but lets him go after getting word from Gage that Francesca has gone into labor.

Ciri and Yennefer become acquainted, with Yennefer telling her about unicorns and how she used to own a stuffed one until it broke. Geralt argues they only approach those who are pure of heart and questions how she got her hands on one, but Ciri questions how she survived Sodden. Yennefer replies that she's one of the lucky ones. Ciri then remarks that Geralt says she's one of the most powerful mages he's ever known. Yennefer claims she's staying at the temple to hide out from the Brotherhood. Ciri recalls dreaming about Yennefer once, before she even knew she existed.

With Fringilla, Filavandrel, and a midwife at her side coaching her through, Francesca gives birth to her baby girl, though quiet for a moment, with some provided warmth from Fringilla, the baby is alive and well. Fringilla exits the room and informs Gage, Dara, and the others waiting in the hallway that a new elf has been born.

While roaming the halls during the late hours, Ciri stumbles upon Nenneke lighting dozens of candles to welcome late stragglers seeking refuge. Ciri asks to help and lights a candle in Mousesack's honor. She just wishes he would've told her what she is. No one did until she met Geralt. Her grandmother was brave and never hid from anything but hated elves despite Ciri's Elder blood. Nenneke replies that hatred is a circle of fear and desperation. Perhaps her grandmother's hypocrisy is rooted in a desire to protect her. Ciri's true power resides in more than her blood. With proper guidance, she may have the ability to break the cycle of hatred once and for all. Ciri then asks what she's supposed to do with the Orbuculum, but that's for her to figure out on her own.

Fringilla and Cahir watch as the elves celebrate the birth of a pure blood. Cahir can only remember one other time of such celebration: after the Usurper was overthrown and the people rose up. It took Fringilla a while to feel free, and now it's her who gave the elves hope. Cahir wonders what this will do to their alliance. What happens when the elves decide they can repopulate on their own, without Nilfgaard's help, he wonders. He then reveals that the White Flame wrote him and will be in Cintra any day now.

Geralt and Yennefer catch up over lost time. Admittedly, the last time they saw each other was a bit tumultuous. Yennefer questions what changed his mind about claiming Ciri. Many things changed his mind, and Yennefer was among them, he admits. Yennefer reveals that she ran into Jaskier in Oxenfurt. He was in some kind of trouble with a mage using fire magic who was looking for Geralt and Ciri. Yennefer's heart has been beating fast the entire time. She's nervous, and Geralt questions why. She reveals that she has some wounds that refuse to heal.

Istredd reveals to Codringher and Fenn that there's a gene that keeps showing up in Cintran genealogy records, but he's never heard of it, Leishardrathardlara. It looks like mostly women have it. Codringher grabs a scroll and Fenn reads "And when the humans proved hostile, bringing death and destruction, multiplying and infesting their lands, the elves built a warrior to destroy them."

Dara reveals to Dijkstra's owl that Nilfgaard's mission is to find Ciri. He recalls helping her escape only to lose her.

Ciri finds a history book lying on the floor with blood soaked on the cover. She follows the blood trail to Jarre, who lies unconscious on the floor. Accompanied by the Michelet brothers, Rience goes after Ciri, trapping her in a fire barrier until Geralt and Yennefer intervene. Geralt holds off their attackers while Ciri and Yennefer lock themselves in a room. With Rience on the other side of the door trying to melt it open, Geralt kills the Michelet brothers. The Orbuculum senses Ciri's magic and begins to glow. Yennefer teaches Ciri how to create a portal, which they escape through. Geralt calls out to Yennefer and tells her to stop, but she tells him she can't.

Before leaving, Triss reveals to Vesemir that the vial of witcher mutagen was taken by the fire mage.

Fenn reads the following from a scroll: "And when the babe was born, a field of feainnewedd sprung up. And Lara Dorren drew her last breath, crying, 'Know this. My curse will hound your descendants unto the tenth generation. Until the columns of time and space tremble and open for my people. Then my vengeance will be born again." Codringher deduces that Calanthe hid her elven bloodline because she knew what lurked in it. A generational weapon, Istredd remarks.

Triss is loyal to Tissaia above all else and reveals that a drop of Ciri's blood can change the world. And in the wrong hands, she will destroy it.


  • The title of this episode comes from a scene in the books where Geralt, not sure how to refer to Yennefer when he was writing a letter to ask for her assistance, addressed her as "dear friend".