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By my troth! It is the witcher who saved us from woe!
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- upon seeing Geralt

Delwyn of Creigiau was the son of Lady Sérlait and Baron Bryton (his adoptive father),[1] and the biological son of Anton the Younger.

He was a knight from Creigiau who, in 1275, was participating for the first time in the Knights' Tourney in Toussaint.[2] During the event, he made his knightly vows to his lady, promising her that he would either win the tournament or keep his mouth shut until the next one.

Later, during the vampire attack on Beauclair, Geralt can run into Delwyn on one of the palace terraces, where the knight is trying to fight a katakan. If the witcher does not help him, the knight is killed by the monster.

Associated quests Edit

Notes Edit

  • When preparing for the tournament, if the player chooses to practice sword fighting, they'll train against Delwyn.

References Edit

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