Dice Poker: The Professional is an optional sub-quest of A Game of Dice. It is spawned once Geralt has beaten four novice players. The stakes are higher, but so are the takings.

Walkthrough Edit

Quest Items dice

Beat the professionals one by one as you meet them during your journeys. The quest ends when you have beaten four professionals. You can then approach the first Sharper level player - at the same time, the Dice Poker: The Sharper quest is started.

Notes Edit

  • You only have to best four out of a possible eight professional players, so your journal entries may not include all the entries you see below, nor will the phases you do see necessarily be in the same order as seen here.
  • If you advance to Sharper in Chapter III, the remaining player of that chapter won't play against you, if you didn't unlock his dice option beforehand (by asking him, if he plays poker). In Chapter IV, Tobias Hoffman and Julian won't play against you, if you don't unlock them before reaching Sharper status; the hermit on the other hand plays with you anyway.

Professional players Edit

People Thaler full
People Munro
People DeWett full
People Velerad full
People hierophant
People Tobias full
People Julian full
People Hermit full

Phases Edit

Note: The 200 XP increments listed below are only earned for the first four players, whichever four Geralt plays and wins against first. The rest are listed for information purposes.

Too Good for Me Edit

Professionals do not play with novices. I must concentrate on weaker opponents.

Professionals Edit

I'm doing good with poker and after a conversation with Zoltan I decided it's time to become a professional. The rules are simple - if I win against four professionals I will be recognized as one of them. Time to find them.

Munro Rolls the Dice Edit

Munro, a friend of Zoltan, is a professional poker player. I wonder if he is as good as they say? I can play poker with Munro.

Munro Edit

I beat Munro. I will look for another professional. I will look for another professional. (200 XP)

Thaler Plays Poker Edit

Thaler sometimes arranges meetings of poker players in the back room of his shop. He is a professional and I want to challenge him. I can play poker with Thaler.

Thaler Edit

Thaler has a good poker face but he was no match for my look. I beat him and I want to challenge someone better. I beat Thaler. It's time to play with another professional. (200 XP)

Count de Wett Plays Poker Edit

It turned out that apart from plotting, Roderick, the count of Wett, likes to roll some dice. He's a professional. May the better man win. I can play poker with Count de Wett.

Count de Wett Edit

Maybe De Wett knows his way around politics but he knows nothing of poker. Next, please. I beat Count de Wett. I'm going to look for another professional. (200 XP)

Velerad Plays Poker Edit

The burgomeister also has a hobby. He plays poker professionally. They say it's his way of relaxing. I wonder how good he is. I can play poker with Velerad.

Velerad Edit

I beat Velerad. He suffered defeat with dignity. I will look for another opponent. I beat Velerad. I will look for another professional. (200 XP)

The Hierophant Plays Poker Edit

It turns out that the hierophant plays poker. He's a professional. Let's see how good he is. I can play poker with the hierophant.

The Hierophant Edit

I beat the hierophant. It seems I'm better than the average druid. I will look for another opponent. I beat the hierophant. I will look for another professional. (200 XP)

Hofmann Plays Poker Edit

Tobias Hoffman plays poker professionally. Maybe we can play some day.

Hofmann Edit

I beat the alderman. It seems that this idyllic village is no match for city experience. I will look for another opponent. (200 XP)

Julian Plays Poker Edit

Julian the merchant is a worldly man. They say he plays poker pretty well. Maybe we will play some day.

Julian Edit

I beat Julian. I will look for another opponent. (200 XP)

The Hermit Plays Poker Edit

It seems that the hermit was unable to completely resist mundane temptations. He lives on water, roots and poker. Let's see if he's any good.

The Hermit Edit

The hermit is out of shape and I managed to beat him. I will look for another opponent. (200 XP)

Professional Edit

I beat four professional players and I joined their ranks. Zoltan will be stunned. I'm a professional. It's time for greater challenges. (1000 XP)

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