Dirty Funds is a treasure hunt quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

It can be completed automatically if the main bandit camp is dealt with first and then the second one is found later, in which case the journal entry will not appear, though the quest will appear in the quest log.

Journal entry

During his stay in White Orchard, a certain letter found its way into Geralt's possession. Intrigued by its appearance, he decided to read it first chance he got.
Option 1:
You gotta give up this madness, Morgen. Mum's beside herself, saying that's not becoming of a Temerian, stealing from innocent folk. Bad enough you deserting the army like that, but to take to robbing... And how're you even sure you aren't hurting our own by accident? What happens if you and your mates make a mistake? You ever think about that? No, you didn't, ever since you were a lad you always acted first, thought later - or never. But you ain't a lad no more, so put an end to this reckless adventure and head home.
Option 2:
Things are going better and better for us. We've pitched camp in the heart of the forest, near the old mill, and have already done quite nice for ourselves. Folk are poor, so they say, but squeeze them and something always pops out – sack of grain here, a few crowns there. Not bad for easy work, certainly better than the army. At least we've got something to fill our bellies, and the risk that we'll pay for this all with our lives, well, it's still less than when we were charging the Nilfs at Natalis' orders.
Geralt found the camp, but the deserters refused to surrender their treasure without a fight. They attacked the witcher at once – which proved a fatal error. Geralt vanquished them without much trouble, searched the camp and found a sizeable cache of valuables.


  • Read the letter you found
  • Find the bandits' treasure using your Witcher Senses


  • It's unclear what causes the journal note to change in the quest log or if its a bug.
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