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Dispel allows to end a lasting spell, curse, or ritual, as well as neutralize (some) magical automatons. It can not be used to end a spell that is being casted at the moment, as well as to remove the effects of the spells or curses, such as changed shape or madness.[1]

Oko Yrrhedesa[]

Magic cost: 1
Effect: Cancels a lasting spell; may open an Obstruction or Force Field, stops a charm, makes invisible visible, neutralizes alarms or golems etc.
Note: Dispelling anything requires testing against the magical potential of the original caster.

The Witcher Role-Playing Game[]

STA Cost: Variable
Effect: Dispel allows you to end a spell/ritual/hex within the range of this spell. This spell can cancel magic with a duration and can be used as a defensive action to block magic attacks with or without physical components. To cancel a magical effect you must spend half as many Stamina points as the caster spent to cast the magic and make a Spell Casting roll that beats their casting roll.
Range: 10m
Duration: Immediate
Defense: Spell Casting