Divethaf was the last elven king of the area encompassing modern-day Toussaint.


In the year 781, Divethaf led all of his elven subjects, to the Amell mountains to live, abandoning their palaces. A human known as Ludovic came to replace Divethaf and with his armies, marched to the Amell mountains and confronted the elf, demanding Divethaf to surrender and proclaim him as king. Divethaf declined and so a battle ensued. Ludovic's army won, killing many elves, and so Divethaf surrendered. Ludovic tortured the elf, but left him alive and took up residence in the city of Beauclair.[1]

However, he made Divethaf pay homage to him and then required that every year he was to continue paying homage and to give Ludovic a statue each time. Divethaf, ever despising the human who overthrew him, instead created golems that looked like statues and would awaken during the next homage by Ludovic's speech.[2]

In 782, before the next homage, the humans of the area celebrated the anniversary of Divethaf's defeat by attacking Mount Gorgon, where Divethaf was living, and the elf was killed along with his people, and thus never set forth his plan with the statues.

His remains were taken to and buried at the Termes Palace Ruins.


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