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Dolores Reardon was a member of the the once prominent and wealthy Temerian family, the Reardons, and grew up in Reardon Manor, which she happily managed with her twin brother, Humbert.


One day, a man came through the area named Roderick and she was swept off her feet by him. The two soon married and she left with him to go back to his home in Gors Velen where the two lived for many years until Roderick died well into their elder years. Having no other ties to the area, Dolores then decided to return home.

However, her estate was now overrun by beasts and so she temporarily stayed in various huts in Lindenvale, hoping someone would help get rid of the monsters.

If Geralt helps her: Geralt helped Dolores by clearing out the monsters (or with the help from another), allowing her to return home. She did so, and while the estate was falling apart, she took pleasure in working to restore it.

If Geralt found the note and told her about her brother: She was saddened to learn her beloved husband killed her brother, but took small comfort in finally knowing the fate of her brother.

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  • Her name is most likely a reference to Dolores O'Riordan, singer of the Irish rock band The Cranberries.
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