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- Donar an Hindar's war cry, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
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Donar an Hindar of Clan Heymaey was a jarl of Hindarsfjall in Skellige.

Journal Entry

Few jarls of Skellige were as honored and obeyed as Donar an Hindar, the eldest of their number. Despite his advanced age he remained the active leader of his clan and its representative at all official gatherings. The only person able to break his composure was Madman Lugos, whose clan had long feuded with the an Hindars.
Donar's home was, like Freya's temple, on Hindarsfjall. As befits a neighbor to the gods, Donar was famed for his wise, considered opinions and his piety. This last did not, however, extend to the gods of the Continent, whose rich sanctuaries he had often raided in his youth.

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