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"This is my story, not yours. You must let me finish telling it."
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...A g-g-golden dragon!
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- Dorregaray about Villentretenmerth
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Dorregaray of Vole was a mage and a defender of endangered species. He took part in the hunt (search, in his opinion) for the golden dragon, Villentretenmerth. He was also a spy for king Ethain of Cidaris.

During the Thanedd coup he was present as a neutral party but was injured during the fight. He survived however, thanks to the aid of Marti Södergren. Following the coup, he went on to assume the role of rector of the Ban Ard Academy after Gerhart's death.


  • Dorregaray's name may have been inspired by or comes from the name Dorregarai, which is a common Basque last name meaning, when translated into English, 'Hightower'.


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