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A g-g-golden dragon!
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- Dorregaray, Gwent: The Witcher Card Game
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Dorregaray of Vole was a Cidarian mage and self-proclaimed "defender of endangered species", who occasionally spied for King Ethain.[1]


Dragon hunt[]

Sometime in the early 1250s, he took part in the hunt (search, in his opinion) for the golden dragon, Villentretenmerth.[2]

Thanedd Coup[]

On the last night of June 1267, he travelled to Thanedd Island to attend the Grand Mage's Conclave, and met with Geralt of Rivia during the banquet in Aretuza. After a brief discussion about the lavish features in the hall, Philippa Eilhart persuaded Dorregaray to leave the conversation.[1]

The following day, on July 1st, he was present as a neutral party during the coup, but was shot by one of the Scoia'tael elves that had been let into the palace. He suffered a punctured lung but survived however, thanks to the aid of Marti Södergren.[1]

Later life[]

Following the coup, he went on to assume the role of rector of the Ban Ard Academy after Gerhart's death.

Appearance and personality[]

Dorregaray was often arrogant and contemptuous toward his kind, believing himself better than the average mage. His judgemental position on one's clothing led him to spend lengthy time discussing the qualities and designs. For formal events, he often wore a purple doublet with embroidered facings.[1]


  • Dorregaray's name may have been inspired by or comes from the name Dorregarai, which is a common Basque last name meaning, when translated into English, 'Hightower'.