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The draconids are a quite numerous order—even proper dragons alone number at least half a dozen species. Both they and the lesser draconids have inhabited these lands from time immemorial, forming an important branch of our ecosystem. As human cities and villages grew, and grazing and farming lands expanded, collisions between territories inhabited by draconids and those inhabited by humans became increasingly frequent. These predators quickly learned that herds of cattle and swine are a readily accessible source of food, which, in turn, led to attempts to exterminate them by any means available.
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- Geralt of Rivia, The World of the Witcher

Draconids is a diverse order of quasi-reptiles that often cause trouble to humanoid races.


While the creature most commonly associated with draconids is dragon, the most populous members of this order are actually the so-called lesser draconids, which include dracolizards (slyzards), forktails and wyverns. They may be easily confused with dragons, as they share scaly skin or armor made up of bony plates, bat wings, and reptilian maws, legs, and tails. They are smaller and less intelligent than dragons, and often possess atrophied forelegs, to the point that certain species have none at all. Dragons, in turn, are larger, possess two pairs of well-developed legs, huge wings and tail, and obvious intelligence.[2][3][4] However, mutations from this scheme exist.[5][6]

A significant part of draconids possess no wings, such as dracoturtles[6] or vigilosaurs.[7] At least one species, sea serpent, has no limbs.

Draconids in culture[]

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The danger draconids present to herds and communities has led to conflicts with human and nonhuman races. Witchers and other specialized hunters such as Crinfrid Reavers hunt some or all of these creatures, even though the danger is not always lethal.[4][2]

There are however notable exceptions. In Zerrikania, dragons are venerated and warrior orders such as Faithel have emerged in order to protect these sacred beings.[2][3] Even in Northern Realms and Nilfgaardian Empire dragons are sometimes perceived as more than vile beasts, and are displayed on noble banners and coats of arms.[8][9][10]

Draconids are sometimes bred as pets or for guarding purposes. An example is wyvern, bred by certain druid circles[11] and crime bosses.[12] Mages of Rissberg have even created entirely new species of draconids, such as vigilosaurs.[7]

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt[]

Draconids are a type of monster in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Draconids include: