Dracoturtles are huge turtle-like draconids found in bodies of water.

Otherwise known as tortodragon to commoners, witchers call it chelonodrake, while dwarves simply say "minge-mawed armor-plated son of a scabby bitch".

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According to Essi Daven, neither killer whale, squid or dracoturtle could kill the pearl divers near Dragons Fangs as the boat was not overturned.[1]

A mutated specimen lived in the bogs near Vergen, a dwarven city in the Pontar Valley. It was five horses long and, unlike its sea counterparts, had horned plates on the neck and armor half an ell thick. It was killed by a hunting party consisting of Saskia, Maevarienn, Barclay Els, Yarpen Zigrin, Eggar and witcher Geralt of Rivia in 1271.[2]

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