Dragonslayer's Grotto was once a fortress located northwest of Downwarren, in the Crookback Bog area of Velen and now lies in ruins.

While it serves as the final resting place for the legendary witcher George, it now lays in ruins and is ironically home now to wraiths and an ekimmara.

Map description Edit

Underneath this fortress lies a musty, rank cave in which a traveler will find nothing but a few fattened leeches - if he's lucky. Nevertheless, village elders insist on repeating the legend that gave the grotto its name: that of a legendary dragonslayer said to be buried somewhere deep inside.

Associated quest Edit

Bugs Edit

  • In the final room where George was laid to rest, a high level leshen may spawn. It's supposed to stay on the surface but has been known to home in and teleport into the caverns here, making it rather difficult, if not impossible, to fight it for low leveled players. Loading a previous save should help here. Additionally, you can exploit this to have the leshen and the nearby ekimmara fight each other.
  • Meditating in or near the entrance to the cave may glitch out and spawn 20 wraiths instead of 2-3. This may be useful around higher levels though as most wraiths drop useful items which can be sold or used for crafting.
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