Draugir armor fragment is quite rare despite its common category.

  • The very first time players on both paths can acquire it is at the very beginning of Chapter II, while defending King Henselt or Prince Stennis. The strategy to obtain it is to kill one of the draugirs and stop fighting all enemies. This should allow you to pick up items from dropped enemies and acquire the fragment.
  • Players on Roche's path can also obtain it from a Bullvore found in the dwarven caves during the quest Hatred Symbolized, in the clearing before meeting Zoltan.
  • Players on Iorveth's path can also obtain it from the draugirs that emerge during the trek to the Kaedweni side and back (with Philippa Eilhart in Owl form) while on quest Where is Triss Merigold?. It is also possible to attain the fragment early in the chapter. When defending Saskia as Geralt, fight off the soldiers until two Draugir spawn. After the magic barrier is erected, quickly run to loot the two dead Draugir, and one may have a fragment.


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