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Irredeemable criminals who end their lives in the waters of Lake Vizima become drowned dead (Polish: Topielec), a very dangerous variety of drowner. Fate refused them a chance to amend their ways and return to society, so they remain villains after death, drowning innocent citizens.

The Witcher[]

Notable drowned dead[]

Journal Bestiary Entry[]

Particularly strong and dangerous drowners are known as the drowned dead. Simple people see no difference between the drowner and the drowned dead – encountering either of them is equally deadly. We might suppose, though, that the most gloomy legends concern the drowned dead rather than drowners.




  • Their remains will not contain their tongues until you have this bestiary entry in your journal.
  • An old townswoman in Chapter I will tell Geralt a tale of Drowned Dead in exchange for food. However, the conversation gives a journal entry for Drowners, not Drowned Dead.
  • A drowned dead has about twice the amount of hit points of a regular drowner; 50 instead of 25.

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings[]

Drowned dead return in The Witcher 2, however they are very rare and usually appear only at night near the site of Sabrina Glevissig's execution or near the bandit hideout. They are also classified as a subspecies of drowners. Drowned dead cease giving XP when killed from Level 15 onwards.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt[]

Drowned dead return in the third installment. They look largely the same in appearance with their counterparts in the second game and usually appear among five or more drowners.

They are found in Kaer Morhen valley, Novigrad, Skellige, and Velen.


  • The original name of the creature, Topielec, is a Polish word for kelpie.