Dryads, also known as eerie wives and called Aen Woedbeanna in Elder Speech, are the female inhabitants and guardians of the Brokilon forest. They are sometimes also referred to as nymphs.

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Pure blood dryads tend to have skin tones that ranges between dark to light greens and generally green, brown, or black hair and dark eyes. However, because they mate with other races to produce children, sometimes they can inherit their father's traits, like red hair or blue eyes.

Generally, they wear clothes patched up out of their natural surroundings, like leaves and twigs, making them blend in with the forest, though they can wear more fancy clothes, like Eithné, who wears a light green dress.[1] In some instances, they'll go completely nude.

All dryads tend to have a slender and small build.

Skills Edit

They are known for their amazing archery skills and can easily kill a human from the distance of 200 feet without the person ever knowing they were there. They use this ability extensively to mark their border: if an arrow lands at one's feet or in a nearby tree, that's as far as the intruder is allowed to travel alive as the next shot, should they not heed the warning, will kill them. To prevent the decay of bodies from filling the air, the dryads tend to mark their border by the rivers so the bodies can be washed away with the current.

Dryads are also proficient in treating wounds. When Geralt was wounded in a fight with Vilgefortz, he had cracked ribs, a broken leg, and a concussion but, upon arriving in Brokilon, he was treated with expert care and was well enough to move when the bard Dandelion came to see him. They also did a similar feat with Freixenet, who was nearly dead from their attacks but, after being found by Geralt, the dryads patched him up to the point he was able to sit up and talk for a bit when the witcher rejoined him several days later.

Being dryads, they have a love for the trees, forest, and music and have learned to master abilities to shape trees to their will while not harming the tree itself. As fire is also forbidden in the forest, they instead create makeshift glowsticks by stimulating certain fungi and crafting a wreath out of the plant to make a light source.

Procreation Edit

Dryads are exclusively female and use human or elven males only for mating purposes, taking strong males to pass their traits onto their children. While some, like Freixenet, viewed this as a pleasant enough punishment, Geralt had to explain dryads take mating very seriously: if touched without permission, they'd kill the man, and not to try and smile, woo them, or treat it as any kind of pleasurable encounter, as they're simply using the male to father a child. As such, when Geralt, a witcher, is encountered by the dryads, a number of them grumble about it as, being sterile, he's no good to them.[1]

However, having sex isn't the only way dryads are made. If any young girls should wander into their forest, whether it be a peasant's child or even a princess, they give them what's known as the Water of Brokilon to drink, which erases all their previous memories so they can then be raised as dryads. However, these girls never gain all the skills that real dryads have. It's also noted that there's a difference between how old the girl was when they came to Brokilon: babies and very young girls, after a number of years, will no longer have any trace of being human/elf, but older girls, around 10 or up, no matter how long they're a dryad, will always have some remaining traces of their former race.

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  • In The Witcher, Geralt meets one dryad in the game, Morenn, who's in the Druids' grove in the swamp and has an opportunity to have sex with her if one explains that sex is still beneficial to her in other ways.
  • In the uncensored (non-North American) versions of The Witcher, they do not cover the dryads' breasts with their hair, nor is there a loincloth. The models appear completely nude. The same model is also used for the naiad.
  • A pure blooded dryad's sweat smells of crushed willow leaves while transformed human dryads don't, making it easy for those like witchers to tell if they're pure blood or not.
  • They do not eat dinner, as Dandelion learns from Geralt upon his first night in Brokilon. Why this is though, is not known.

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