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Runes first are forged, then in a blade set.
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- Gwent: The Witcher Card Game
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Dulla kh'Amanni[1] was a foreign merchant from Ofier who'd come to the surrounding areas of Oxenfurt to explore the world while plying his trade, eventually settling in at Upper Mill along with one of his traveling companions, simply known as the Runewright.


As part of his country's custom, sharing their knowledge was considered an honorable endeavor so he took up the king's order to share their knowledge with the Northern Kingdoms. However, Dulla and the Runewright quickly learned the Northern Kingdoms could be pretty treacherous: before they even arrived in Redania their ship was lost at sea, and while the two survived along with Dulla's beloved horse, Babiyetza, the Runewright's custom tools were lost.

Undeterred, they traveled through the areas around Oxenfurt, only to be set upon by Fallen Knights, former members of the defunct Order of the Flaming Rose who'd turned to raiding and pillaging. While the Ofieris remained unharmed, the former knights managed to steal several of their foreign armor diagrams before running off.

Dulla and the Runewright finally settled in for awhile at Upper Mill and began to sell their goods there, though due to the rural area, he felt trying to share their knowledge with the locals wasn't doing as much good as it could be if he was near a more urban settlement. However, as he had orders to be there, he tried to send a formal request back home for permission to move the camp.

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  1. A letter found on Aamad's body