Dun Tynne Castle sits in the center of its own region, Dun Tynne, in Toussaint.

It was an ancient burh in Blessure Valley, between Pomerol and Fox Hollow. According to Alcides Fierabras, the burh served once as a seat of Lord Walgerius known as the Stout, who murdered his unfaithful wife, her lover, her mother, her brother and her sister, and after all that he sat and cried, for unknown reason.

The location is heavily fortified with no way in by normal means as it's completely surrounded by a high wall and, on one side, a sheer cliff.

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This castle is tied to the dark legend of Waltharius the Burly, the dashing knight who wed the beautiful Nazairi princess Hiltgunt. Waltharius then embarked on a lengthy campaign and returned to find his wife in carnal relations with his relative, upon which he flew into a rage and murdered them both. The moral of the tale is held to be that nothing good ever comes from Nazair, and that when one has a young wife, one should stay at home instead of gallivanting about on campaigns.

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