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Duny was a knight, who became the prince of Cintra after proclaiming the Law of Surprise and claiming Princess Pavetta.


Destiny Fulfillment

Lord Urcheon of Erlenwald, who had been engaged in a secret relationship with Pavetta for a year, interrupted the betrothal party. With his face hidden under knight's armor, he came to claim Pavetta's hand in marriage. Eist knocked his helmet off, revealing a monstrous form, that of a humanoid porcupine. Queen Calanthe requested that Geralt kill him, but he refused as Urcheon was no monster. He'd been cursed. Queen Calanthe ordered her guards to kill Urcheon regardless. Urcheon disarmed the guards and explained to Queen Calanthe that Pavetta belonged to him via the Law of Surprise. More of the queen's guards attacked and Geralt came to his defense, and together they dispatched of Queen Calanthe's guards. An even larger fight then broke out between the guests until Queen Calanthe commanded the fighting to end.

Duny hugged Pavetta and explained he was cursed as a young boy. He lived his whole life in misery until the day he saved Queen Calanthe's husband, King Roegner, from certain death. By tradition, he chose the Law of Surprise as payment. Eist pushed Queen Calanthe to honor the tradition, driven by the belief destiny had determined the surprise be Pavetta and, should she resist, chaos would surely ensue. Duny abandoned all hope of claiming the Law of Surprise when he heard the king returned to find a child on the way. He knew no woman could accept him as he is. So he waited until the twelfth bell when the curse broke. He never intended to meet Pavetta. Only watch from afar. But destiny intervened and they fell in love. Queen Calanthe seemed to accept destiny, handing over her sword and extending her hand to Duny. She pulled him close, whispered "here is your destiny," and then pulled out a knife and aimed it at his throat. Pavetta screamed out, suddenly awakening her abilites, sending everyone flying across the room. Pavetta and Duny floated together above the room in the center on a small tornado of wind until Geralt knocked them down with an Aard sign.

Queen Calanthe announced the Law of Surprise would be honored and Pavetta would marry Duny. Furthermore, Queen Calanthe herself had agreed to marry Eist; there would be two vows that night. Pavetta and Duny kissed, and he transformed back into his human form. Queen Calanthe's blessing of their marriage lifted the curse and fulfilled destiny. Duny wished to repay Geralt for saving his life, and Geralt initially declined. When Duny insisted, saying he could not start a new life in the shadow of a life debt, Geralt chose the Law of Surprise. Even though he did not truly intend to lay claim to anything, however, Pavetta suddenly threw up, signifying that she was pregnant, moments after Geralt claimed the Law of Surprise.[1]


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