Dust-covered journal is a book in the Blood and Wine expansion and is found in the chest behind the locked gate at Seidhe Llygad Amphitheater.

Associated quest

Journal entry

[The journal is falling apart from age, only a few entries can be deciphered]
The 16th Day of the Month of Lammas, Year 1178
We've only a few days left before the première. They say even Duke Roger and his favorite, Countess de Stay'cherr, will be in attendance. This role... this shall be my magnum opus. I feel no stage fright or nervousness about my upcoming performance, but I am terrified by... her. Annika. She turns Chardonnay red with jealousy as soon as we step on stage together. Is it my fault that the provincial actress, an elf, to boot, is not as talented as I? Does she truly expect... [illegible fragment]
The 24th Day of the Month of Lammas, Year 1178
Her hatred is near palpable! I'm terrified! I spoke to the director about this, but I think he did not take me seriously. He is too absorbed in the première, which is approaching rapidly.
The 29th Day of the Month of Lammas, Year 1178
Annika has been rooting around in my things! She read this journal! I caught her red-handed, sitting in my room. I'm horrified by how I reacted... I exploded, naturally... screamed at her, at first, but a single look from her froze that scream in my throat with fear. I must take all my most valuable possessions and hide them in the amphitheater. I shall now wear the key to my chest on my person at all times, hanging from this necklace the jeweler made for me... [rest of the page has disintegrated]
The 33rd Day of the Month of Lammas, Year 1178
It gets worse and worse... I fear she wishes to kill me! I feel an itch in my back – presaging her dagger?! Or perhaps this itch in my throat, is that her, as well?! Shall it be poison then?! Very theatrical of her, either way... Gods, I swear – if that despicable creature does anything to hurt me, I shall turn this amphitheater into an earthly hellscape!
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