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East of the "civilized" Northern Kingdoms and Nilfgaardian Empire lie sparsely populated, vast lands of the east. Although not distant from the western realms, due to isolation by the almost impassable mountain ranges of Blue Mountains and Tir Tochair, entirely different and exotic human cultures have developed in the region.


Most of the region is a subecumene, terrains only periodically inhabited by intelligent races. The southernmost known territory is the Korath desert - an arid area nicknamed the Frying Pan, full of the mysterious catacombs and dangerous monsters. North of Korath, the exotic land of Zerrikania is located, which is connected with Northern Realms via Elskerdeg Pass and the Wasteland. The "realm" has more varied landscape consisting mostly of grasslands and primeval forests,[1] though the center of the region is a rocky crust intersected by a grand canyon, densely populated by Zerrikanian people.[2] Northeast to Zerrikania lies the boundless steppes of Hakland.

The only known mountain range are Fiery Mountains, which runs through the whole known part of region.[3]


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Fauna and Flora[]

The novels contain several mentions of Zerrikanian animals, like tigers or antelopes. In The Witcher gaining knowledge about the larvae of tse tse flies is an important patch for successful completing the Anatomy of a Crime quest.

The sandy part of Korath is a habitat for the giant dangerous species of monsters, representatives of which gain feed similar to the larvae of the antlions. One of these creatures attacked Ciri during her travel through the desert.



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