The Ebbing confederation insurrection was one of the many rebellions taking place in the countries conquered by Nilfgaard within the Northern Wars.


The insurrectionary confederation firstly started in Ebbing in around 1265 but then expanded in Geso and in Maecht, where Duke Rudiger led his vassals and their troops against the invaders. Emhyr var Emreis, the Imperator of Nilfgaard sent the Pacifiers from the province of Gemmera to suppress the rebellion. The thing turned however into a massacre where thousands of rebels remained killed and various cities and settlements were pillaged and burned to the ground, Thurn among them.


It was thanks to this event that Mistle, Reef, Kayleigh, Asse, Iskra and Giselher had their paths crossed and decided to form the noted gang of the Rats.

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