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In the novels, echinopsae are depicted as animals (not man-eating plants, as in The Witcher). They are described as monsters covered in long and very sharp spines. They can shoot these up to a distance of ten feet. On impact, the spines shatter and the pieces work their way ever deeper into the body of the victim. Their spines are so long that when they are immobile, echinops resemble clumps of grass.

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Echinopsae in the game are huge, carnivorous plants, similar to an Archespore.

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"Echinopsae are monstrous plants born of curses which grow in places where terrible crimes have been committed if the crime in question was never atoned for. The beasts try to take their vengeance on criminals, but they do not spare the lives of innocents who haplessly enter their territory."

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  • In Chapter I, an old woman in the Outskirts (in the Farming village) will tell Geralt a tale of Echinops in exchange for food. The conversation does result in a bestiary entry. (Note that you have choose between her telling you about plants, or a story. The story option results in receiving information about Echinops).
  • In Chapter II, book sold by The Antiquary located in the Merchant Street.
  • Strong Silver style is the most effective method of dispaching the Echinops.
  • Curses and the Cursed

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