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|Image =Tw2_journal_Einar.png
|Aka =
|Race =[[Dwarf]]
|Gender =Male
|Affiliations =[[Blue Stripes]]
|Profession =[[Merchant]], [[The Witcher 2 dice poker|Dice Poker Player]]
|Abilities =
|Appears_games ={{Tw2}}
'''Einar Gausel''' is a secondary character in {{Tw2}}. He is a [[The Witcher 2 merchants|merchant]] (who primarily sells ''books''), [[The Witcher 2 dice poker|dice poker player]], and (with patch 1.2 installed) [[Barbers and Coiffeuses|barber]] who can usually be found in the building north of the dwarven smithy in the non-human district of [[Flotsam]]. You can purchase [[:Category:The Witcher 2 books|books]] about monsters from him, which are necessary to progress in the quests [[The Nekker Contract]] and [[The Endrega Contract]].
Later on in Chapter I, if Geralt chooses [[Iorveth]]'s path, the non-human district is burned and the non-humans massacred. Geralt is told that Einar Gausel collaborated with [[Bernard Loredo|Loredo]] and betrayed his race. However, Margot's letter to Iorveth says different, stating he only yields to Loredo as much as is necessary.
== Journal Entry ==
:''If [[Lobinden]]'s nonhumans had been organized as a community, the dwarf Einar Gausel would have been the closest thing to its leader. Though the [[Scoia'tael]] considered him a collaborator on a human leash, Einar tried to represent the nonhuman minority as best as he could, even if that meant mediating between its members and the commandant. Furthermore, he ran something akin to a bookshop. Given its location in what was a complete backwater, his selection of titles was quite impressive.''
:''In addition to being a well-informed bookseller, Einar Gausel was also an accomplished barber. In discovering this, Geralt learned of the only person in Flotsam who would be able to do anything about his hair.''
== Associated Quests ==
* [[The Nekker Contract]]
* [[The Endrega Contract]]
* [[Poker Face: Flotsam]]
== Gallery ==
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