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Eithné was the queen of the dryads and ruler of Brokilon forest.


Meeting Princess Cirilla

Leader of the dryads, Eithné, confronted Ciri after she trespassed into Brokilon forest. She asked Ciri her name. She introduced herself as Fiona. Eithné explained that there were once many forests like that of Brokilon before the Conjunction of the Spheres. The dryads were forced to adapt as they fought off the mutants and humans who sought their end. Now, only they remain. Ciri was then reunited with her friend Dara, who was shot with an arrow. They removed the arrow from his shoulder and poured water on the wound as the waters of Brokilon are potent. Eithné informed Ciri and Dara that all newcomers in the forest must drink the water. If they beared ill intent towards Brokilon, they'd die. But if they were pure in heart, they'd survive and stay there. And over time, the waters of Brokilon lessened the suffering they'd endured and make them forget.

Ciri awakened from a nightmare to find Dara drinking the Brokilon water. He assured her that everything would be okay. Eithné passed the bottle to Ciri and told her to drink and leave her past behind. Ciri did just that. Unlike with Dara, nothing happened after Ciri drank the water. Perturbed, Eithné took Ciri to Shan-Kayan, a large tree in the center of Brokilon forest. She cut into it and told Ciri to drink from the source. Ciri drank from the tree and had a vision of a large, luminescent tree in the middle of the desert.[1]

Farewell to Ciri

The general was skeptical of Ciri and objected to allowing her to stay in Brokilon after learning from Shan-Kayan that Ciri was the princess of Cintra. However, with the Nilfgaardians already scouring their borders, some suspected that Ciri was their only chance of survival. And with that, Eithné announced that Ciri would be allowed to stay. Eithné presented Ciri with two options; either she could stay or she could continue her journey in search of her destiny.

While learning how to craft arrows with the dryads, Ciri was reunited with Mousesack. She asked what happened to him, and he told Ciri that he'd come to take her back to her rightful place. He claimed that he knew where to find Geralt of Rivia, who she'd been promised to through the Law of Surprise. While Ciri appreciated the dryads' hospitality, she'd be leaving with Mousesack and wanted Dara to join her. Before leaving, Eithné advised Ciri to always be vigilant and ask the right questions. Ciri gave her a hug and departed with Dara and Mousesack.[2]


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