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Elen of Kaedwen was a princess of Kaedwen, being the daughter of King Benda, and later became the wife of King Corbett of Cintra, making her queen of Cintra. The couple had one child: Dagorad. She was originally named Elaine ("Beautiful") which became corrupted to Elen as it was easier for the local Cintrans.[1]


She was not treated well by her drunk husband, and at one point her father, enraged at her given treatment, wanted to take her back to Ard Carraigh, even at the risk of conflict and destroying diplomatic relations. Elen refused, though not for her sake but for her son's, who would face an uncertain fate in Corbett's dangerous court.

Elen died less than a year after the death of Corbett. If she'd died before her husband though, it would have inevitably raised suspicions of foul play as Corbett was known to drunkenly proclaim on more than one occasion that he had had enough of his "sanctimonious" wife and had promised one of his many favorites an imminent wedding and elevation to the throne.[1]

Elen was also responsible for her son's name. Apparently Corbett was too drunk to notice she called their son Dagorad (a play on her grandfather's name, Dagread) and by the time he did notice, it was too late to change it.[2]