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Discovered clothing, costumes can express all the complexities of one's personality. I'm a Redanian countess one day, a dockside thug the next. That is true freedom!
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- Elihal to Geralt

Elihal was an elven tailor who owned a workshop in the outskirts of Novigrad. Geralt met him on his search for Dandelion.

He's described in Dandelion's Planner below:

A figure most rare, her nature dual.
Look deep in her eyes, or be made a fool.

Journal entry

Geralt erroneously interpreted one of my notes to mean that Elihal and I had been a couple. Alas, while anyone would be thrilled to count this outstanding elf, wonderful conversation partner and superb tailor among their conquests, in fact no more than friendship and fine wine had ever passed between us.
Geralt found this out when he visited Elihal's tailor shop, where he also got a first-hand glimpse at the elf's unusual hobby – adopting the dress and mannerisms of those different from himself in race, sex and social status.

Associated quests

Merchant inventory

Elihal sells the following items:

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